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Tools Built For Generations



A knife is much more than a sharp piece of steel.  It is arguably the most important tool for outdoor enthusiasts.  It is my goal to treat each build with this importance in mind.  I offer a wide variety of knife models to suite a wide variety of outdoor uses.  Each knife model can be customized to fit your specific needs.  Whether you are hunting, fishing, or just enjoy camping with the family, it is my hope that a knife from me will not only serve you, but generations to come.

About The Knives

Finest Materials

Materials sourced from high quality vendors based in the United States.


Every aspect of your knife is made right here in our shop. Nothing is outsourced.

Lifetime Warranty

I ensure every knife is free of material or build defect for life. 


Paul, California

"JD makes an unquestionably high quality knife, but with JD, buying a knife is about more than the end product. He takes you along for the ride as your knife is made via live instagram videos and chat - you get to see your knife come together step by step. For me, taking this journey with JD inspired me to think more deeply about my own tools and even try my own hand at the craft. It's not a commodity transaction, it's a unique experience."


Brian, Pennsylvania

"Watching Jordan build a knife is an enjoyable process, BUT watching Jordan build MY knife was amazing. He explains the entire knife making process and shows you the progress your knife makes from start to finish. 
Then to hold and use this functional art is great..."


Wyatt, Texas

"If you're looking for a great tool that will last you a lifetime, JD knives are the way to go. Beautifully finished tools with a great guy with a passion for his work behind the name. I wholeheartedly recommend Jordan's knives to anyone looking for a quality tool."

  • Do you sell any tactical or fighting knives?
    No, and I wont. My business was created to bring custom purpose built tools to people that enjoy the outdoors. My focus is to continue to innovate on the classic outdoor designs. If you are looking for knives that can be used or are designed to be weapons, I am not your guy.
  • How much do your knives cost?
    My prices vary depending on the model, steel, and handle material chosen. It's hard to give a ballpark price, but if I absolutely had to, I would say they range between $300 and $375 (including leather).
  • What is the turn around on a custom knife?
    From the time I start a knife, typical turnaround is 4 weeks (give or take), but that can vary depending on life. The good news is I am in constant communication with you through the entire build, so you know exactly where things are at.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Nope. Nothing is due untill the knife is completed and ready to ship.
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